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On Sunday, April 21, 2013, Fotomission hosted the 1st San Juan Photomarathon, an exciting and fun event that is open to all those who enjoy photography. This event serves as a fundraiser for Fotomission Kids, our photography program for pediatric cancer patients.

Participants were be assigned six topics to photograph on the streets of Old San Juan over a period of six hours. The topics were be handed out at various stations throughout the walled city, they were be kept secret until handed out, and were purposefully vague to give the contestants plenty of room for self expression. The topics were, abundance, scarcity, fantasy, reality, abstract, creative self-portrait.

The best photos from each topic are selected, and from those, the first, second and third place winners are awarded cash prizes as well as exhibition prints of their images. The winners are exhibited during the month of June and permanently on this site along with all the contestants' images.

We congratulate the winners!

First Place - Celi González - Scarcity
Second Place - Joel Morán - Abstract
Third Place - Julio Román - Reality

Honorable Mention - José Burgos - Abundance
Honorable Mention - Sylvia Colón - Fantasy
Honorable Mention - Aleksander Pérez - Creative Self-Portrait

We thank our sponsors ond all the participants for making this a great event.

Pavlova M. Greber
Executive Director


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