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by Jan-Oliver Wenzel

Sometimes we have the chance to perceive the inner beauty of our world in its various forms and structures for just a moment in time. The photo camera is a great tool for working out these moments of perception, sharing their magic with a vast public, and then saving them for the rest of time.
In a society that is over flowing with millions of gaudy pictures everyday, and with nearly no chance to escape, I express my vision of the inner beauty of what I find before my eyes in a reduced and sometimes abstract composition. Whether the subject is a face, a mountain or a building doesn’t matter: we have a better chance to understand the whole concept if we concentrate on its basic elements.

Black & white photography with its inherent abstraction is well suited for exploring the forms and structures of our world. Keeping on the path of invention while avoiding digital manipulations and other “popular artistry” is a constant challenge, but a straightforward process with the goal to meet high quality standards is well worth the effort.

Jan-Oliver Wenzel
Seybothstrasse 68
D-81545 Muenchen

Tel. 49 172 83 26 505