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Claudia Cebrian
Ginny Dixon

Manolo Doreste
Jeff Early
Vanessa Lam
Chantal Lawrie
Tracey Miller
Karen Ann Pate
Chendo PĂ©rez


The Batchelor Foundation
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Miami Children's Museum
His House Childre's Home
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The Waiting: 2007

An exhibition of children
long awaiting adoption

Miami Children's Museum

November 17 through December 16, 2007




Fotomission, in collaboration with His House Children's Home, Kids Hope United and the Miami Children's Museum, is proud to present "The Waiting 2007". This is the fourth annual exhibition by a group of socially conscious Miami photographers that are making a difference in an area where positive change is much needed.

This exhibition features thirty-six children that have long been awaiting adoption.

The project’s mission is to elevate the level of awareness on the issue of adoption.  By putting a face on this issue, we hope to create an opportunity for the public to empathize with the children and connect with those who are trying to help them. In essence, “The Waiting” came to life in the hope of finding loving homes for these deserving kids.

When we started this project in 2004, we did not know what kind of impact it would have. Our intention was simply to help a social cause in our community; in this case, children in foster care. Our photographers have since embraced this project, donating their time and contributing with their artistic vision to create portraits that express humor, fun, faith, enthusiasm, friendship, and above all, hope. Creating hope is the impact we are happy to have achieved. Thus far, over one third of the kids featured have been adopted.

We hope you visit this exhibition and that it touches your heart, that you reflect on it and speak of it, for with a little caring we can all make a difference.

Thank you,

Pavlova M. Greber
Executive Director