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Advanced Digital Photography Exposure Masterclass

Exposure is the most essential aspect of digital capture. An optimal exposure is crucial in achieving the best possible image quality.

This one-day masterclass, designed for the advanced amateur and professional photographer, will concentrate on the theory and practice of digital photographic exposure utilizing advanced methods. Some of the topics to be discussed:

You learn exactly what to do and what to expect as a final result. After completing this workshop, you will be able to create technically superior photographs with the visual impact that you have been striving for.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

We will offer this workshop several times during the series, as it imparts essential knowledge.

We recommend this as a prerequisite for those interested in attending the following:


Chendo PĂ©rez
Getty Images Global Assignment Photographer
American Society of Media Photographers


To be announced


Barry University, Miami, FL


Digital camera, preferably one that allows complete manual exposure control

Exposure Meter - hand-held (optional)

18% Gray Card, about $10 (optional, but recommended)

Gray card available online from B&H at